The Complete Off-Page SEO Checklist 2021 to Skyrocket Your Site’s Ranking and Traffic:

In my previous blog post, you are done with the on-page SEO checklist and learned how to do on-page search engine optimization that works best for your site. Now, it’s time to move on to the critically important and most difficult part of SEO, i.e., Off-Page SEO.

Most of the markets and other businesses think that getting backlinks for the site is Off-Page SEO. 


But it is way beyond that!

Massive traffic, trust, high authority and ever-going success solely depends on how well you do the off-page SEO for your website. 

Google says there are so many ranking factors. As per The Blue Oceans Group, there are 82 major ranking factors of SEO that decides your site’s ranking. On the other hand, Backlinko says there are 200 ranking factors of Google.

But at the same time, we should also know the critically important factors that affect your ranking, traffic, leads and then finally conversions. 

Table of Contents
  • The Complete Off-Page SEO Checklist 2021 to Skyrocket Your Site’s Ranking and Traffic:
  • How Does Off-Page SEO Work? 
  • (A) What is Off-Page SEO in Digital Marketing and How to do Off-Page SEO?
    • #1 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Help A Reporter Out (HARO): 
    • #2 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Site Audit Backlinks:
    • #3 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Contribute as Guest Author to get Powerful Backlinks: 
    • #4 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Collaborate with big media Contributors like Forbes as a Content or Knowledge Partner:  
    • #5 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Create compelling and comprehensive Blog Posts: 
    • #6 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Mention Influencers in your Blog Posts and do Influencer Outreach:  
    • #7 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Social Reputation Shares, Likes, and Links:
    • #8 Off-Page SEO Checklist- E
    • ail Outreach:
    • #9 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Grab opportunity from Broken Links / 404 error page links :
    • #10 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Participate in Interviews and events as a speaker:
    • #11 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Boost your Brand being Podcast Guest:
    • #12 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your website on Social Bookmarking Sites: 
    • #13 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Join and be active on Forums and converse in communities:
    • #14 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your articles to Blog Directories:
    • #15 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your blogs to Article Submission Sites:
    • #16 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Actively participate in Question Answer Sites:
    • #17 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your videos to Video Submission Sites:
    • #18 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your images to Image Submission Sites:
    • #19 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Use Infographic Submission & Infographic Outreach method:
    • #20 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Document Sharing Sites: 
    • #21 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Press Release: 
    • #22 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Use Google My Business (GMB): 
    • #23 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Get links from Resource Page:
    • #24 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Paid Promotion:
    • #25 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Try to Get Do-Follow Links:
    • #26 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Blog Commenting
    • #27 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Reclaim links
    • #28 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Invest money to get links
    • #29 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Build links by buying Expired Domains:
  • (B) Warnings while doing Off-Page SEO:
    • #1 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Be aware of Frauds, Do not Buy Links – Google can ban your Site permanently: 
    • #2 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Paid Guest postings 
    • #3 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Avoid Fiverr as its a waste of time and money: 
    • #4 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Private Blog Networks (PNB):
    • #5 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Push Button Backlinks:
    • #6 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Comment Spamming
  • My Closing Keynote About Off-Page SEO Checklist: 

How Does Off-Page SEO Work? 

Off-Page SEO or Off-Site SEO is a way of promoting your site on other sites. If your website has its presence on multiple sites in the related niche, it sends signals to the search engine that it has high authority and trust. Also, searchers can find your site easily due to its wide presence.  


(A) What is Off-Page SEO in Digital Marketing and How to do Off-Page SEO?

All the activities that are performed away from your website to improve its rankings are OFF-PAGE SEO. The most effective way of doing off-page SEO is building high-quality backlinks. Now, there are certain ways to build high DA links. These are white hat techniques and black hat techniques. White hat techniques lead to positive results boosting your rankings on search engines, whereas black hat techniques take away your already existing rankings from search engines permanently; in other words, Google bans your website permanently if you adopt any black hat technique.

We will understand both techniques here in the blog. So, let’s first understand white hat link building techniques:

#1 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Help A Reporter Out (HARO): 

Using a free service “HARO” by becoming a source for Journalists and Bloggers is an effective way of building quality links from authoritative news sites and blogs. 

Seems difficult? 

But it isn’t that hard!

HARO service is free to use, simple to understand, and extremely powerful in off-page SEO marketing. You only need to sign up as a source and provide some basic information about your company; you’ll receive three emails per day with media opportunities. Now, make a quality pitch by answering journalists’ queries. If you do a good job, your site could receive backlinks from authority news sites like Mashable, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, etc.

Off-Page SEO Checklist 2021: 35 Off Page Techniques in SEO- Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Keep auditing your site’s backlink once in a while. You will see many backlinks (do-follow/no-follow, good links/bad links). But you need to check about spammy links that are doing more harm than good. 


The most common spam tactic is using exact match anchor text. Google penalizes you for it. 

Second most common spam tactic is irrelevant anchor text. The famous examples are:

Texts that are related to Viagra, casinos, gambling, payday loans and the likes.

These links are pathetic and hurt your site badly. If you can not remove them from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, you can prevent them by informing search engines. 

You can identify these bad links by using SEO tools such as SEMrush, Serpstat, Ahrefs, Moz, or Ubersuggest.  

Writing for high authority websites and becoming a contributor like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Medium, or some other leading website in your industry can boost your site’s domain authority.  

Hence, people contribute as guest authors to increase their site’s presence on multiple domains, trustworthiness, drive traffic, and conversions. Look for the sites that accept guest posts, Carefully read their guest post guidelines, pitch them your blog idea and thus, gain a link back once the guest post is live. Guest posting is one of the best off-page SEO techniques to build powerful links. 

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You can find websites that accept guest post by:

  • Leverage lists of websites that accept guest posts
    You need to Google: “list of blogs that accept guest posts” or “list of – your keyword – blogs that accept guest posts” thus Google will result in numerous lists of blogs. But still, you need to research them if they are outdated.
  • Google your search terms to find guest blogging websites
  • There are a variety of search terms you can try to help you find numerous websites. Basically, you need to start the search with your keyword + one of the following terms mentioned below: 
    Keyword + “guest blog”/”guest post.”
    Keyword + “write for us.”
    Keyword + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post.”
    Keyword + “contribute a guest post.”
    Keyword + “contribute to our blog.”
    Keyword + “become a guest blogger.”
    Keyword + “guest blogging guidelines.”
    Keyword + “contributor guidelines.”
    Keyword + “send a tip.”
    Keyword + “guest post by”
    Keyword + “guest author.”
  • Research on your competitors they are guest posting upon
  • Identify bloggers in the same niche as you who are already guest blogging and then search using these search queries: “guest post by blogger_name.” “a guest contribution by blogger_name.”
  • Use tools to help you find guest posting opportunities

  • Leverage tools can help you with research: content research tools, social listening tools, or audience overlap tools such as Buzzsumo. 

You can also check this list containing 450+ lists (different categories) of sites that accept guest posts.

#4 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Collaborate with big media Contributors like Forbes as a Content or Knowledge Partner:  

As a newby, it is very hard to be a guest contributor on big media giants like Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneurs and the like. 

But you can collaborate with these guest post contributors and pitch them accordingly. You can research contributors from tools like Ahrefs, Buzzsumo and thus, you can build relationships with them through email or social media channels. Personally, LinkedIn will help you build relations with them. 

Collaborate with big media Contributors like Forbes as a Content or Knowledge Partner

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Once you crack the funnel of approaching and make a good relation with them, they can mention your company name. This way, you can get very high quality backlinks that can boost the domain authority of your site. 

#5 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Create compelling and comprehensive Blog Posts: 

There is no rocket science in understanding that the comprehensive content that is more than 2500-3000+ words performs better on search engines, social media and every other digital marketing channel. 

The site that creates compelling content and covers the topic in detail gives the maximum engagement, better conversion, and has less bounce rate. 


People do share your high-quality blog post and link back to their sites. And in this way, you can earn high-quality backlinks in good numbers.

Also, create in-depth reports, research papers, charts that will help you gain backlinks automatically from other bloggers. Quality content always wins in this. 


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#6 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Mention Influencers in your Blog Posts and do Influencer Outreach:  

Remember, SEO is something that is an ongoing task which you need to do on a continuous basis. No matter if you are new or old into space. Doing off-page SEO with influencers makes your life easier.  

Mention Influencers in your Blog Posts and do Influencer Outreach

The best way to outreach the influencers is, do mention them in your blog post and link their website along with their quotes. And then you can inform them via email that we mentioned you in our blog post. And if you ask them for linking back then 9%-30% people respond in YES. 

You can do better branding via social media as there are higher chances of getting engagement and backlinks. The most common and high domain authority of social media platforms are YouTube (100 DA), Facebook (100 DA), Twitter (100 DA), LinkedIn (100 DA), Pinterest (100 DA), Instagram (100 DA), and Quora (92 DA).

These social media channels not only drive quality traffic on your site but also help to get the quality backlinks and higher ROI. 


#8 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Email Outreach:

Email is the super-powerful marketing tools among all digital marketing channels. You own your prospect without anyone’s mediation. Here, you have a golden opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. 

So, when you keep sending personal emails to your subscribers with their permission, then you get clicks on your site. It sends signals to Google and other search engines that “Hey, this blog is getting clicks from outside, let’s rank it better”. 

These tactics will not only increase the clicks and traffic on your site but also you will get more backlinks. 

One of the best and quick ways to make backlinks is through 404 pages or broken pages. You can find 404 pages or broken links on other sites by using tools like SEMrush, Serpstat, screaming frog, check my links or DeepCrawl. These tools will help you in identifying broken links of your competitors. 

You can start shooting them emails by informing them that this particular link is broken on your site and provide them the resource so that they can replace the existing link with your article. 

Sample format may help you with it:

Subject: Problem with (Their site name)

Hi [Name],

I was searching for some information on (topic) and I came across your amazing page: [Page Title/URL].

Great Stuff!

However, I noticed that few of the links didn’t seem to be working, I have jotted down a list for you:
(Broken URLs)

Also, I recently published a massive guide/an article on the same topic (article name-hyperlink with URL). It may make a good replacement for the [Broken link].

Please let me know, once you replace your broken link to my link.

As a thank you, we will write a custom intro and mention your blog post on our above mentioned article.

Looking forward to hearing from you for synergy.

[Your First Name] 


It is a short, simple and quick way to get powerful backlinks from your competitors. It can hook the domain authority and ranking of your website. Marketers are using broken links as a link building since ages and it works effectively. 

#10 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Participate in Interviews and events as a speaker:

Be a part of events and participate in interviews. Event companies and new media publish your interview and about your company and experiences on their platforms. In this way you not only get the high-quality backlinks on their sites, but more people know about you. Your organic search increases and your ranking improves magnificently. 

#11 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Boost your Brand being Podcast Guest:

A podcast is another most trending thing nowadays. Most of the brands are boosting their brands by being podcast guests. 

It is simple, straightforward, and within a few weeks you can earn backlinks. Moreover, more people listen to you and then search you organically. In this way, it increases your organic search and improves the site’s ranking. 

Being a podcast guest creates publicity for you and your site. Most of the hosts link your site on the episode post. And this way you can earn great links.

#12 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your website on Social Bookmarking Sites: 

Bookmarking your site on many platforms is an old school technique and that doesn’t work to boost your DA and backlinks anymore. 

But still there are few social bookmarking platforms that can drive immense traffic and backlinks. These are:

S. No.Social Bookmarking SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#13 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Join and be active on Forums and converse in communities:

Submit your site on search forums related to your niche and take advantage of do-follow links. You can also network over, thereby answering the people’s question, replying threads, delivering your suggestions and experiences. High authoritative Forum submission sites are:

S. No.Forum Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#14 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your articles to Blog Directories:

Once you select a proper category based on your niche, blog directory submission drives effective results. It brings good results over a time period. Though, it does make lots of impact on ranking but, it boosts your brand presence across the web. The effective blog directory list is given below:

S. No.Blog DirectoriesDomain Authority (DA)

#15 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your blogs to Article Submission Sites:

Write a high-quality unique content with an attractive title, submit your blogs on high authority article submission sites. Also, add links to your blog posts on these articles during submission. If you do this, it can drive high traffic and build links. But do remember, if your content quality is low or having keyword stuffing issues, then there are higher chances that your article will get rejected. Free Listing Article submission sites are:  

S. No.Article Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#16 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Actively participate in Question Answer Sites:

Question Answer platforms are one of the best platforms to drive traffic and build links. Participate in these sites regularly related to your niche and answer the people’s questions. While responding, you can add your link related to that answer. In that way, you can earn trust, backlinks and traffic. Some of the question answers platforms are:

S. No.QA SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#17 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your videos to Video Submission Sites:

Video is the most engaging medium of any form of content. After watching a branded video, 65% of business decision-makers decide to visit the marketer’s site. With such a huge percentage of visitors, it can boost the SEO of your site. It results in driving organic reach, traffic to your homepage, that finally helps you in earning backlinks. Free Video Submission sites are given below:

S. No.Video Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#18 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Submit your images to Image Submission Sites:

To get more clicks and quality backlinks, image submission is also one of the Off-Page SEO techniques. With proper URL, Title, Description, Tags and image optimization you can submit the high-quality image. It will boost your branding, popularise your company and help your site to get quality backlinks. Free Image Submission Sites are:

S. No.Image Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#19 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Use Infographic Submission & Infographic Outreach method:

These days, infographics are getting very popular. Kissmetrics got more than 42,000 backlinks by creating only 54 Infographics. 


Hence, start submitting amazing infographics along with the reference link of your web page on infographic submission websites. Do remember, sizes may differ from website to website. So, keep optimizing accordingly. Also, outreach bloggers with similar content can embed your infographic in their existing or upcoming content. (Pro tip: Analyse your competitor’s links they are outreaching their infographic with, create a list, and thus, start reaching the destination sites).  Free Infographic Submission Websites are: 

S. No.Infographic Submission SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#20 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Document Sharing Sites: 

Creating fascinating documents in the form of PPT or PDF related to your business or blog is one of the best ways to earn high-quality backlinks and traffic. You can prepare unique high-quality documents and submit on document sharing websites to get high DA and presence on search engines. Pro tip: Insert your links in the document, it gives Do-follow links back to your site. Free Document Sharing Websites are: 

S. No.Document Sharing SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#21 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Press Release: 

Press release is also one of the best shout out mediums where your site gets the benefit of driving traffic, shown in Google news, and boosts the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) and Google ranking. Hence, try to cover your sites on the media coverage along with its growth and development.  Cover your sites on the media coverage by participating in Press Releases. Free Press Release Sites are:

S. No.Press Release SitesDomain Authority (DA)

#22 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Use Google My Business (GMB): 

Google My Business is a product of Google. It is another essential component of getting backlinks. Try to put the exact information that you have mentioned on your website about Name, Address and Phone Number during listing on Google. You can Optimize this platform for best local SEO ranking and get established as a huge brand. 


There is a lesser chance of getting links if you are reaching out to someone simply. But, if you are informing them about 404 pages or broken kinks with the resource page, then it increases 200-500% your conversion of getting backlinks. You can also outreach bloggers/sites to add your resource page on the existing blog posts. 

Recommended personalized email outreach for better conversion in earning links: 

Subject: Addition of resource/references on [Page Title]

Hi [Name],

I was looking for some information about [topic] and I came across your amazing resource page: [Page Title/URL].

Great Stuff! The section [Topic] also helped me to reach the (Resource page) that I was searching for.

Also, I recently published an article/guide on [Topic]. [Brief Description].

In case you’d like to check it out: [URL] and consider mentioning it in your blog post. It might make a value addition to your page. 

As a friendship note, we will write a custom intro and mention your blog post on our above mentioned article.

Looking forward to hearing from you for synergy.

[Your First Name]


Click to learn, how to do email marketing: Step by step Guide

#24 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Paid Promotion:

To get initial traction and shares, spend a few dollars on Facebook and twitter. If you have high quality infographic then through some dollars on Pinterest to drive more traffic. If you have created e-books, reports or white papers then invest some dollars on LinkedIn and Google Ads. 

These strategies will not only give you better engagement, but also more leads and conversions. Moreover you will earn high quality backlinks. 

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more do not consider no-follow links as a ranking factor and their algorithm ignores no follow links. 

The links from these source tends to no-follow links:

  1. Paid Promotion
  2. Sponsored Content
  3. Press Releases
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. And now Google is going to update their algorithm and “Guest Posting” will also be generating a No-Follow link. 

#26 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also one of the ways to get backlinks. Not too strong a technique though, as the website owners make all the links no-follow on comments, but some websites still provide do-follow links with blog comments. While you do Blog commenting with quality content mentioning your point of view, ideas or others (long blog content), it may help you in building relationships with the bloggers or even drive traffic to your website. You need to make sure that you have created a well defined profile on gravatar with profile picture, website link, company information, social media linking and others. Commenting on high DA sites is a bonus. 

If you’ve never used link reclamation for building links, start doing so right now. It’s one of the easiest and most effective methods to build great links that too quickly. Reclaim links by finding the unlinked URLs and Brand mentions. Then, email or social outreach the publisher with a friendly reminder to add a link to it. You can use tools like Buzzsumo and to find mentions. 


This method though takes money out of your pockets, but this activity is worth it. You get value in terms of Brand Presence and link back. You can invest money in the form of:

  • Sponsoring an event: They mention your brand that gives you links and ultimately gives coverage over different platforms.
  • Find charities with websites to support: They mention your brand story along with a link back to your site.

Many people have had great success snapping up expired domains and using those sites for link building purposes. Various sites offer a list of Expired/ Expiring domains.

Off- Page SEO Checklist- Build links by buying Expired Domains

Therefore, grab a site that already has content and High DA backlinks and then, 301 redirect to your site. Take care of risks, warning signs, and other factors as not all the domains are worth buying. You need to check the background of the domain backlinks, domain authority, index number, spam score, domain age, reputation, and other factors that should not inverse your expectations. A small mistake can lead to converting your site spammy or even a permanent ban of a website.

(B) Warnings while doing Off-Page SEO:

There are so many sites and service providers who claim that they will give 25,000+ backlinks at only $150. These sites also claim that it will boost your DA, and you will get all the backlinks in less than 4-7 weeks. 

Off-Page SEO Checklist- Warning- do not buy or sell links

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These services themselves do not have enough DA and backlinks and claims to provide other links. So make sure you are not a client of such platforms.

Buying or selling links are blackhat practices of Off-Page SEO Checklist 2021

These are actually against the policies and guidelines of Google webmaster and other search engines. And Google has a stringent policy in spammy links or black hat SEO techniques. All the search engines will hurt your site badly, and you will get banned permanently. 

#2 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Paid Guest postings 

As discussed above, guest posting is one of the best tools to get high-quality, powerful backlinks. But the reputed sites like TechCrunch, Fobes will never ask you for money to publish your post. 


If some sites are asking for money that means links are shady. 

Getting do-follow links with the paid guest posting is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. And if you do so, your site can get your site penalized.

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On June 2020, SEMrush added paid guest posting in their services but they need to remove this service from their website:

Paid Guest postings SEMrush: Off Page SEO checklist

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#3 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Avoid Fiverr as its a waste of time and money: 

When it comes to any form of SEO such as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO, or even Technical SEO, Fiverr is a big flop and completely useless. 

Off-Page SEO Checklist 2021: 35 Off Page Techniques in SEO--- Avoid Fiverr as its a waste of time and money

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Fiverr will land your site into the marshland. If you invest in Fiverr, then your marketing budget, time, efforts, or even the whole website heads for a tailspin followed by a collapse. Therefore, do not risk your site by promoting through Fiverr. 

#4 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Private Blog Networks (PNB):

Before 2017, Private Blog Networks was one of the favorite backlinks earning techniques. But with the regular updates in Google’s algorithm, the smart AI can easily filter the PNB backlinks. Not only this but Google also manually de-indexes all networks that get visible on their radar. 

Once you get de-indexed by search engines, all your efforts will go in vain. Hence, avoid this off-page SEO technique for getting backlinks.  


There was a time when blog commenting, article directory submissions, Web 2.0 sites, or any other directories or bookmarking site mechanism worked immensely. 

But those days are gone now. Google and other search engines have much smarter AIs that can easily identify the activities happening on your site. 

If you are getting hundreds or thousands of backlinks on a single push button, that means these links are shady or spammy. Search engines will penalize your site and affect your ranking. 

Either Google will ban your site permanently or it will take another 2-3 years to reach on that stage again. 

#6 Off-Page SEO Checklist- Comment Spamming

Some SEO firms or SEO marketers provide the service of increasing the “x number of” backlinks of your site in exchange for money. To complete the promised order, they drop comment spam using tools/manually with a predefined format. Leaving these meaningless comments on other blogs with a link back to your website does absolutely nothing for your rankings. All these links in comments are considered “no-follow” that attributes no value.

Ensure that these activities are not happening with your site if you are hiring an SEO agency or are not using any predefined format just to get the number of backlinks to increase on the site. It adds no value for boosting your ranking. But these practices can negatively impact your whole site. 

My Closing Keynote About Off-Page SEO Checklist: 

Infographic on 103 SEO Checklist & Google Ranking Factors

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You want to share this infographic on your upcoming or existing blog?


Email me at [email protected], and I will give you the setup.☺️

I am not claiming that they will accept all your requests for backlinks. Of-course some of them are still ignored due to various reasons such as your site’s domain authority or sometimes you can not reach their expectations. 

But one thing, I make sure, if you follow these Off-Page SEO techniques, you will get at least 9%-30% conversions. And this rate of conversions is huge, and you can get enough high-quality backlinks that can help you rank better with the flood of traffic.


These are the off-page SEO strategies and tips I am trying for my new website, and it is working for me. I made more than 2000 high-quality backlinks on more than 200 referring domains in less than 4 months, and my site’s DA increased from 0 to 48. 


So, what are you waiting for? 

Now it’s your turn. Go with these suggested techniques and give them a try for your site. Let me know in the comment box, how do you reach out for backlinks? And if you want any suggestions or help then drop me an email at