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off page seo best tool - semrush


What are the main features of Semrush? How it helps you in achieving digital marketing goals? 



  1. You can explore 40+ Semrush tools and reports to find the best solution to your digital marketing challenges. 
  2. Keyword Research: Discover all the best keywords to target and bring traffic to your site.
  3. On-Page SEO: Audit your pages and get ideas to improve their health and SEO performance.
  4. Competitor Analysis: Increase your website traffic and improve performance with competitors’ winning strategies.
  5. Content Marketing: Develop a powerful content strategy with data-driven solutions.
  6. Local SEO: Optimize your site for local searches and get more local customers. 
  7. Rank Tracking: Track daily changes of your target keywords in your target location. 
  8. Social Media Management: Social media posting and analytics platform
  9. Off-Page SEO and Link Building: Find unexploited opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile. Also help you in identifying and removal of toxic or broken links.
  10. Competitor SEO Analysis: Find all of the keywords and content in your competitor’s strategy. 
  11. Content Creation and Distribution: Create and share traffic-driving articles that resonate with your audience. 
  12. Content Optimization: Get recommendations on optimizing your content to drive more organic traffic.
  13. Content Marketing Analytics: Assess your content performance to identify areas of improvement. 
  14. Market Analysis: Analyze your position and get ahead of the competition in a current or new market.
  15. Paid Advertising: See the paid keywords and ad copy from your competitor’s PPC ads.
  16. Competitor PR Monitoring: Track your rivals’ online mentions and social media presence. Build your brand reputation.
  17. PPC Keyword Research: Build your perfect paid search campaign with our keyword research tools
  18. Website Monetization: Monetize your audience with our powerful tools for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers.

Why Millions of Users and I love Using Semrush?

I Personally Recommend Using Semrush

If you’re new to this whole SEO thing, I highly recommend that you go with Semrush.

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