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Ecommerce Website Designer in Karnataka banglore

E-commerce website, not only for the designer but also for users. Our E-commerce Website Developer can provide you with a top grade website without any hassle. We are always there for you on every step of the way, and we can help you to manage the day-to-day upkeep of your website. The most important question is what is your company all about, its products and services and the purpose of your future website.
E-commerce, a process of buying and selling of products and services on the Internet through secure credit card processing. I am Delhi based providing customized and flexible e-commerce website development in Delhi India solutions that best suits your business objectives. We can say E-commerce is one marketplace on the Internet. E-commerce websites development is dynamic in nature and able to provide user-end the ability to shop by price, product type or by brand name, add/delete items in a shopping cart and purchase items in real-time using an online merchant account and payment gateway.

WE offer end-to-end e-commerce website development in Delhi India catering to the wide variety of clients throughout in world. Our eCommerce website solutions encompass e-commerce website Developer and an online shopping cart solution with payment gateway integration at the affordable cost. Our website development team is specialized in setting up an eCommerce website on your web server with an admin module that helps you to easily manages products, categories, users and transaction reports etc.

VR webservices Offer Following E-Commerce Services:
  • E-commerce web design and Website developer in Delhi NCR
  • Custom shopping cart development
  • Database design and integrated web development.
  • Custom e-commerce website development.
  • E-commerce website management.
  • E-commerce maintenance.
  • Secured Payment gateway integration.
  • Customize the look and feel of your store.
  • Access to SSL integration service in banglolre karnataka India secure server.
  • Support for more languages as per your requirements
  • And lot’s more.

Ecommerce Website Designing in Banglore , Karnataka

raviteja slrk provides professional eCommerce website Designing in karnataka .I am known for an eCommerce Portal Development Designer in banglore karnataka. Growing internet and cell penetration, on-line bills and beneficial demographics have supplied the specific possibility for the businesses to hook up with their end-customers. These days, People are ready up to purchase their favorite products on-line due to the fact they are very a good deal conscious that the online shopping platform is rather cozy and safe for cash transactions.

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what is website the best quality affordable digital agency in karnataka

   We have a group of professional eCommerce website builders & designers with good sized e-trade internet development enjoy. we will construct custom-made eCommerce net designs for your enterprise success. whether or not you need a basic shopping cart website (typically, for the small stores) or characteristic-packed e-commerce internet site (10000+ product pages), we provide you a whole eCommerce website solution. Our group individuals are absolutely-updated in terms of latest technology and development. consequently we will provide you the complete e-commerce website technique to create an online buying internet site.We build company web sites the usage of various e-trade systems inclusive of Magento, Opencart, WordPress, Drupal, Codeigniter, Core Php. and many others.

E-commerce payment integration

Types Of Online Payments (EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer methods)

eCcommerce payment options matter for the customer, giving them the flexibility of using their preferred one. The more eCommerce payment methods an online store offers to its clients, the more clients they will be able to attract & convert.

Credit Cards

(Funds go directly from a bank account of a buyer to a bank account of a seller.)

(The credit card issuer charges the buyer, who pays according to a schedule and terms set by their credit card issuer, while the card issuing bank pays the seller.)  

Debit Cards

(Cash, previously deposited by a user into the account, goes directly from the bank account of a buyer to a bank account of a seller.)


(Money previously deposited to PayPal by a user with registered account is transferred to the seller’s account with a transaction fee applicable.)


(Not a widespread method of payment. E-checks are a digital form of the archaic paper checks. Automated Clearing House /ACH/ are used to direct funds from a buyer’s account into the seller’s account. Due to the use of ACH for fund transfer, instead of the more expensive card networks, the transaction fees are lower.)

Wire Transfer or Bank Transfer

(This method is widely used in Europe for bigger purchases when funds go directly from a buyer’s account into a seller’s account.)

Mobile Payments

(A fast-growing segment with the expansion of AliPay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Mobile payments eliminate the need to take your wallet out. They work similarly to the way debit cards do, but the user needs to get an account with the mobile payment service, and their personal information will be attached to an e-wallet in their mobile device. This service is often referred to as digital wallet or e-wallet.)


The Difference Between a Payment Gateway and a Merchant Account

It’s now time to understand the difference: Payment Gateway vs. Merchant account.

A merchant account is a special bank account provided to an eCommerce business based on a thorough background check, which includes checks of the website, credit history, T&Cs, procedures, compensation plans, and even the physical availability of inventory and services offered.

Getting a merchant account is a more complex procedure than simply integrating a payment gateway, as it allows a business to then accept payments bypassing the payment gateway as an option. A retailer isn’t required to have a merchant account in order to use most of the payment gateway companies. A regular business account will suffice.

Payment Gateway Integration Methods

Hosted Solution

In a hosted gateway environment, the customer is redirected away from your eCommerce website onto the payment provider’s site. This is a great option for small businesses, as they don’t need to be PCI compliant.

It is not an optimal solution for bigger players, as it lowers conversion rates and decreases brand credibility.

Direct Post integration

This is a method that’s similar to the hosted solution because users don’t need to be PCI compliant, as the data still is not stored on their servers, but rather instantly goes to the payment getaway and processor after a client clicks “Buy.”

Even though in this case the client never leaves your website, the Direct Post solution is not entirely secure.

Integrated Method (for PCI compliant eCommerce)

This method provides full control and total responsibility because the company keeps all the credit card data on its servers. It allows for lots of flexibility in terms of customization, but involves significant investment in terms of obtaining PCI compliant status and maintaining and securing all the data.

Recommended for medium-sized and large eCommerce merchants.

How To Integrate A Payment Gateway For eCcommerce

Payment gateway development solutions are all different and depend on a myriad of factors. Lets’ spell out the main steps an entrepreneur needs to consider:

  1. Understand whether your business can operate with a payment gateway integration solution that does not require your own website to be PCI compliant. Basically, unless you are a big eCommerce operation, you can go with hosted or direct post integrations.
  2. Compare the characteristics of the best eCommerce payment gateways in terms of:
  • Currencies serviced
  • Countries supported
  • Supported credit cards (Visa, Master Card, AmEx, etc)
  • Fee structure:
  • Set-up fee ( charges $49)
  • Monthly fee (PayPal Pro & Authorize have them)
  • Local & International Transaction fees (they vary from 2 to 3% in the industry)
  • Chargeback
  • Payment methods available (ACH, Visa Checkout, WeChat, Apple Pay, etc)